Scrip Now

Scrip Now

Scrip Now!--No pick-up needed

1. Go to this link to sign up:

2. Under Shop>Browse>Card>Card Type chose ScripNow to see all the retailers offering this type of Scrip.

3. You can sign up to pay using PrestoPay. This let's you pay on the spot, and you receive your Scrip on your smartphone or computer to print out.

Scrip Now!

The Scrip Now! program is convenient for on-the-go.  The Scrip Now! program is great for the immediate purchase that you may not have planned.  A variety of retailers allow you to purchase a gift card and have it immediately available for use with direct withdrawal of the funds from your chosen bank or checking account.  There is a small 15 cent fee for each bank transaction made. But if you think about tomorrows trip to the mall or Lowes, you could order multiple cards at one time for the 15 cents.  

This feature is great if you forget to order Scrip and you're out shopping and end up looking for take out or a sit down meal.  You can log onto the Scrip webpage, the selection can be grouped by card type and you can then pick where you want to eat based on availability of a gift card and even what percent of contribution is offered.  These gift cards can be printed at home or displayed on your smartphone.  

The online scrip program will sometimes have special incentive days or bonuses for specific gift card purchases. For example a gift card that usually would offer 5% may offer 8% only on the 11th of a certain month. These bonuses are frequently seen around Christmas time with incentives in the mid to upper teens. These incentives are only available for online purchases and not orders through the school.